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sweet william vintage.

bridal sweet william vintage swv wedding

if you traveled here on your own, you are realizing that things are a little different. sweet william has moved + now, finally, after so long, i am launching my vintage shop.

after years of procrastinating, being afraid to fail, lugging boxes + boxes (+ boxes) of vintage from different states + different apartments, + many other struggles, it's here. this is not the final product, it is just the beginning. they say you have to start somewhere, so this is the place. 

i have no shortage of pretty awesome vintage pieces, but when really looking at my collection, i saw a large bridal story, so that was the first focus of this first shoot. 

i am lucky to have a rockin' girl gang full of talented ladies who jumped when i asked for their help with getting this off the ground. jill frasier is a killer photographer who took these amazing photos showing off part of the what i call the 'cool girl bridal collection'. the collection is a mix of interesting dresses, pant suits, + separates. this is just a little taste with much more to come. 

i hope you follow along this new journey with me. and if you are looking for any content from the past 6 years, it is still located right here.

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