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closet: jill.

closet closet makeover

"i was feeling dissatisfied with my wardrobe even though i knew i had great pieces (this usually happens every season). i found myself shopping constantly to satisfy my craving for wardrobe change + updates. after having you show me new ways to work my pieces, i realized just how versatile + stylish my clothing could be! I'm excited again to wake up + put together an outfit. i feel much more put together + stylish."

the majority of closet 'makeovers' i do are not filled with beautiful, well made clothing. it is usually full of things people are holding on to for many reasons that are either not in very good condition or have long gone out of style. this was not true for the last closet i did. jill is a photographer (wedding + lifestyle), but also works at bliss boutiques. while there is no shortage of fashionable pieces at bliss, it does take some thought to create your own style out of those pieces + make them work for you. 

jill is so far from unstylish. she was just feeling like she was stuck + uninspired. she wanted me to come over + breathe new life into her current wardrobe. i was so excited when i saw her beautiful clothing rack filled with beautiful pieces. i knew this was going to be easy.

before going to her house, i had jill send me some photos of outfits + styles she liked. this made it easy to get going. i started with one top + began to show her how many ways she could style it. we created over 15 outfits in less than an hour with spending no money at all. 

besides seeing the excitement she now had for her wardrobe + the confidence that came from it, the best part was being able to create outfits worthy of jill's engagement photos. i love when people are willing to take risks + can benefit from the reward.



photos by jill frasier + christina wnek.

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