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hello, beauty.

all natural beauty week hello beauty

for the next 7 days, i am taking over the instagram for whole foods in portland. whole foods beauty week really couldn't have come at a better time. in just about 7 months, i am getting married. my beauty routine has been something i have been trying to figure out for a while now. i, of course, want the most perfect skin for my big day, but i really don't want to be putting stuff onto my skin that i wouldn't put right into my mouth, because, well, its basically the same thing.

enter whole foods beauty week. i am now the proud owner of some very cool + very natural beauty products to give a whirl before committing to them long term. these include makeup with anti-aging properties, rose + rosehip everything, tingly, yummy face masks, + the ever so popular sheet mask (which i haven't tried yet. very excited.). i am going to spend the next 7 days testing out new things + filling you in on what i have learned. hello, beauty.

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