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you guys, you better set your alarms for very early friday morning + get your butt into whole foods. i am not joking. i am not being cute. the whole foods beauty week beauty bag is as legit as it gets. i was lucky enough to get one in advance to check out. when i say its good, i mean its good. 

let's just begin with the bag itself. they are made by riji green, a company dedicated to ending slavery. each bag is made by survivors of human trafficking + if that isn't good enough, they are 100% organic cotton. 

as for whats inside, over $80 worth of high end beauty product, that's what. they retail for $15 + are full of smaller sized products, allowing you to try before you buy (the big one). see where i was going with get up + go get one. yeah, it's a steal.

so here's what's inside:

evanhealy rose geranium facial tonic hydrosoul: i was like a little kid on christmas when i took this out of the bag. i love facial sprays. they are one of my most favorite things. knowing this one has basically a single ingredient + from a sustainable beauty company, this one knocks my others right off the shelf. it left my skin feeling refreshed + is the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. 

burt's bees sunset cruise lipstick: this is a full size, pretty awesome lipstick. it goes on super minty like your favorite lip balm. they weren't kidding when they said it is moisturizing. the color is subtle, but pretty.

trilogy rosehip oil antioxidant+: if you are really into rosehip + serums like i am, you won't be disappointed. this one is moisturizing + full of an amazing combination of seed oils.

weleda skin food: this is another product i was pumped to find in the beauty bag. i have read about it before + wanted to see what it was all about. its basically a hydrating hand cream for your whole body. it is super thick, smells good, + isn't too oily. 

mychelle perfect c serum: i have been researching a lot of serums lately + learning about what to use them for. my biggest take away was they go on after cleansing, but before your moisturizer. whats in them will determine what they do for you. as for this one, its job is to reduce lines + wrinkles while it brightens + strengthens your skin.

mineral fusion lash curling mineral mascara in gravity: so i have been looking for a long time for a good mascara. i have a few that i can always fall back on, but putting something so close to my eyes really makes me want something natural for when you sneeze mid application + close your eye completely over the brush, or, it just gets in your eye over the course of the day. this is one of two mascaras i am trying this week. both of them are from mineral fusion. the one in the bag, which is curling + black, and the other that is navy! + volumizing. i will compare + contrast later this week.

acure pore minimizing facial scrub: who doesn't want smaller pores?! i know i do. this is cool because it uses clay + it isn't a mask! they say to use 3 times per week + to dance more often. i agree.

derma e purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask: along with rose, charcoal is having a moment. this mask is real good. it exfoliates while deep cleaning. win win right there.

dr. hauschka soothing cleansing milk: after all this deep cleaning + exfoliating, something called soothing milk seems to be what the 'dr' ordered. (i know i am a dork. its cool, roll your eyes.) this cleanser is gentle enough for daily use + doubles as a makeup remover. 

remember, the bags go on sale friday, march 18th + there's a limited supply. you really don't want to miss out.

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