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the wonders of facial masks.

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up until recently, i thought face masks were just something you squeezed or scooped out of a container. when i started researching products for my wedding beauty routine, i came across something called a sheet mask. i thought, duh, this makes total sense. why get your hands all messy applying + removing a mask when you can just spread a single sheet over your face. well, this past week i tried two different 'cream' masks + one sheet mask in honor of beauty week. here's how it went:

acure cell stimulating facial mask: well to begin with, it smelled amazing. i couldn't wait to rub all our my face. the ingredients include argan stem cells + chlorella algae that work to wake up cells + speed up the repair process. it is also full of moisturizers like argan oil, coq10, + sea buckhorn oil that swoop in after the dirt is pulled out. immediately, my face was tingling, in a great way. it felt cool + fresh. i loved feeling my skin tightening as the mask dried. i put it on until i looked like a green sea monster like the directions said. i kept it on longer than the 10-15 minutes, mainly because i was enjoying it so much, i forgot. taking it off was super easy with warm water. after it was off, i looked in the mirror and thought to myself, wow, your skin looks way younger. my skin was actually glowing. it was awesome. i feel like if it was something i did regularly, i would see a huge change in my skin.

derma e purifying 2-in-1 charcoal mask - they say the couple that masks together stays together, right? this one gets two thumbs up from both of us. the second this touches your skin there is a slight burning sensation. the good kind of burning. this mask dries pretty fast. by the time it is dried, you can't move your face. before you take it off, you wet it again + massage the exfoliants into your face. after that, it wipes off easy with a cloth. this mask wasn't as luxuriating as the acure one, but it felt like it was getting in deep + really cleaning out your pores. this is probably from the charcoal. activate charcoal helps to absorb dirt, oil, + toxins from deep in your skin, as it can hold multiple times its weight. after the dirt as all been pulled from the skin, you exfoliate the clean, open pores. my skin was super soft, as was terry's. not at all dry, like you might expect after all that work. i wouldn't use this mask all the time, but for those days i need a real deep clean, this would be my choice.

andalou naturals instant lift + firm sheet mask: i am going to spare you the photo of me wearing this mask. if you want to see what someone looks like in one, just look up #sheetmasks. its a little frightening. the idea of sheet mask is amazing, but, because no on has the same shaped face, the sheet isn't going to fit everyone perfectly. you have to line the eye, nose, + mouth holes up, which is not easy. i feel like it kept getting a little too close to my eyes. you then lay the rest over your face. it is wet, but not sticky + doesn't dry to your face. it moves around a lot. i felt like i had to keep fixing it. the one i chose was age defying + had resveratrol q10 in it, which is plant based + helps to stimulate skin (i can really feel it stimulating, like that hot + cold at the same time feeling) to firm collagen to decrease lines + helps to correct damage. you leave the mask on for 10-20 minutes + after the time is up, you just peel it off + drop it in the compost bin. after, you just massage what is left of the serum into your face + neck. this makes it easy to use anywhere, at any time since there is no mess + no rinsing. overall, i feel like this mask was working. i could feel my skin being stimulated. i love that it is made from fruit stem cells + that is not a harmful product. just like after the other masks, my face felt soft. i just had a hard time getting the mask to stay in one place + felt like it wasn't able to touch the spots i really want lifted + firmed, like around my eyes, my mouth + my neck. i will totally try another andalou mask again. maybe it is a skill i have yet to learn.

do you have any tips for using a sheet mask? what are your favorite masks to use?

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