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that 70s nail polish.

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how many of you have ever tried a vegan, natural nail polish? this was my first time. like a lot of other people, i have not given much thought about how harmful nail polish might be to us. most contain ingredients like formaldehyde which is scary. while i am not great at painting my own nails, especially not the right hand, i wanted to see what this polish was all about. not really surprisingly, it goes on the same + looks just as good as any other nail polish. it actually seemed a little thicker + i could have gotten away with only one coat if i wanted. my manicure may look less than perfect, but i know i am using a better product.

mineral fusion, while being a natural, vegan company, is not shying away from being on trend. their colors are vibrant + fit right in with styles off the spring 2016 runway.

seventies style has been popping up on runways for a few years now + this spring was no different. it is even showing up in home decor. think rattan furniture, kilim rugs, + handmade wall hangings. it is a relaxed, yet sophisticated style. who doesn't want to feel like they can have a bit of bohemian in them while living in this world that moves so fast + is so full of technology. 

at the end of the 60s, people wanted change. they wanted something different. not just in fashion, but in life. i think we are seeing that again (it is an election year after all). though many of these styles are not new (bell-bottoms, fringe), they are a change from things we have become accustom to, like the skinny jean. people are wanting to try something new, feel a little different, even if the inspiration is coming from the past.

i know not everyone (me included) are wearing things straight from the runway or even close to those looks shown on them, so here are some easy ways to bring the 70s into your everyday wardrobe:



free people.

camp collection.

nico nico.


another runway trend worth mentioning for spring is orange. if you are not ready to go head-to-toe in this bold color, try it first on your nails. 


runway photos // elle + harpers bazaar. 

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