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waxelene is like your favorite pair of jeans.

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you may be wondering how i am going to compare what is basically a really awesome lip balm to a pair of jeans. well it's easy. waxelene is one of the most versatile products i have ever come across + that is exactly what your favorite pair of jeans should be.

what is waxelene, you ask? it is, as they say, a petroleum jelly alternative. it is made from beeswax + 3 different types of oils. no petroleum in sight. 

there is a sign at whole foods listing 100 different things you can do with waxelene. i have yet to try them all, but let me tell you what i have tried + liked: 

- used it as a lip balm + for chapped lips

- put on my cuticles to soften them

- put on my heels + other dry spots on my feet (overnight is the best)

- put it on some cuts on my hands just like you would any petroleum jelly product

- used after shaving (no red bumps!)

- as a makeup remover. added benefit: super soft skin

- in diy lip projects (more to come on that one!)

- as barrier between my skin + a slip-on shoe, which is one of the best uses

- making eye makeup have a dewy look to it


here are a few things i haven't used it for, but am intrigued by:

- to waterproof shoes

- to lube skate wheels

- to stop pumpkins from drying

- to quiet squeaky hinges

- to soften kitty paws (i may give my cats a little spa treatment soon)

i wasn't kidding about it being one very versatile product. had i known all of its uses when i first bought it, i would have just bought the big tub!


here is a look at how i put my favorite jeans to work for me:

these are just 5 of the many ways i wear these jeans. i love them because they are seasonless, have very little stretch, are not a skinny + not a boyfriend jean, but something in the middle. they literally look good with every single pair of shoes i own + that is a lot of shoes. they also have fit me whether i am up or down a few pounds + i really thank them for that. they feel very current without being trendy + i must say, they make me feel a little badass. 

what is your waxelene?

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  • ashley on

    they are my beloved levis 501s. i purchased them from urban outfitters a few years ago.

  • your friend kaleigh on

    where are those jeans from!!!

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