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mineral makeup is new to me to like most of the products i have been trying this past week. i have been paying about the same amount for other products with more chemicals + not thinking too much about it. once learning that this mineral fusion eye shadow trio, in my color palette, rose gold, was made from age-defying ingredients like pomegranate, white tea, red tea, + sea kelp, it changed my thoughts about makeup. for the same price, why would i not use makeup that is helping my skin at the same time. 

below is a photo of me (yes, a little embarrassing) with no make up on, bad lighting, + dirty hair. you're welcome.


here are the afters:

above i am wearing all three colors from the eye shadow trio exactly as the directions say to apply it, plus using the darkest color as my eyeliner as well. i am also wearing the navy volumizing mascara.

in this next photo, i am wearing the same eye shadow trio with the black curling mascara. like i said on instagram, the curling power of this mascara is pretty crazy! both of these photos show the results of my diy dry shampoo. i took my hair out of the bun shown above, used a powder brush to apply the dry shampoo, + then styled it. it came out better than just washed hair would.

in my search for new makeup, i am so happy with the eye shadow trio i chose. i love the gold palette which is great for green + brown eyes (i have both). it goes on easy + lasts all day. i have been looking for a long time for a natural mascara + really fell in love with the navy blue volumizing one. my lashes feel soft with it on + i don't have black under my eyes at the end of the day. while i know i will find a time + place for the curling version, it is a little too powerful for my long lashes + was a bit drying. overall, i am so happy with the makeup i tried this week.

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