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my beauty week.

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what i put on my body had always been more important than what i put on my face. i love clothes. i love putting outfits together. it comes easy to me + i really enjoy it. doing my makeup + hair + following a beauty routine is something that hasn't come as easy to me, so i have kept to the basics. 

beauty week + getting married has made me focus more on my skin. being able to try things i might not normally try this past week has allowed me to experience the types of products i should be using to get my skin 'wedding ready'. i found a few serums (evanhealy rosehip treatment facial serum) + masks (acure cell stimulating facial mask) i want to try for a longer period to see if my skin will react to them as well as i think will. i have made a plan to wash, use a serum, + moisturize both am + pm. i am going to use an exfoliating scrub 3 times a week, a mask 2 times a week, + an exfoliating mask once every one or two weeks. hold me to it, okay? i really want to see what changes i can really make over time. 

being able to take part in whole foods beauty week has more than anything, allowed me to spend time on myself. i have used a lot of my spare time to try products, find out why they are good for me, + what i should be using. it made me want to take a few extra minutes to style my hair, shape my eyebrows, + go a little further with my eye makeup. it also made me want to eat better, drink more water, + take time for myself. i honestly started feeling better about myself. this week turned out to be way more than just trying beauty products. it gave me the chance to find ways to feel beautiful.

what is your beauty routine? how do you take time for yourself?

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