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letter to myself.

as i was going though some old notebooks filled with ideas, i can across a few sheets of paper tucked inside. it was something i wrote 2 years ago while staying in a lake side cabin in rangeley in the middle of winter. everything i wrote still holds true + is proof to me that my insecurities + fears are still getting the best of me. by typing this out for all to see, it is my way of holding myself accountable here + now. 


looking out into the snowy lake, i wonder is there nothing out there or is everything out there. i choose everything. anything i want it to be. 

i want life to be simple, beautiful, easy, rewarding, happy, loving, fun.

i want a clean, organized home with less stuff and less clutter.

i want to take pride in myself and my stuff.

i want to love the way i look and feel healthy.

i want to present myself to the world the way i would tell someone i was styling or working with to.

be confident at work. do what i love to do. work as if i was only doing it for myself and not let any kind of pressure get to me.

get in, do my stuff, inspire myself, inspire and teach someone else, learn something, then go home.

stop bringing work home. enjoy home life. enjoy life. 

this earth is such a big beautiful place. enjoy it. respect it. get out into it. stop wasting time with tv and internet. there is no time to waste.

get back into the mindset that this is my year. i want to be proud of what i have done before 30. but live in the moment and stop worrying so much about the future. it will come. things will happen. 

be open and honest. do everything with integrity. be the good person you are. you love learning so help someone else love it too. 

make a plan for each day. do what you are able to do from it and be happy with it.

make one thing (at least) beautiful everyday.

do more than what is expected, but do the expectations to the best of your ability.

this is your job for the foreseeable future. treat it like it is. it is not a backup. it is not a failure. it is the path to your next destination on your journey.

always do what is right and let go of the little things. we succeed and fail as a team, not alone. don't be afraid of your bosses. be proud to show off what you have done and what you are going to do.

make lists when needed to clear your head. you don't have to carry around all this stuff. get it out. let it go. 

be aware of what i am putting into my body. exercise, sweat daily. plan out my weeks to make time for this and for myself and to plan meals. be healthy. save money. know where they things i buy come from. be knowledgable and aware.

don't be afraid to be yourself. figure out what you want and go get it.

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