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my home, my heart.

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engagement photos seem to be something everyone does after they, well, get engaged. while i have seen many beautiful engagement photos over the years, it never seemed like something that made sense for me. (the idea of posing together in ways we wouldn't naturally do makes me feel real uncomfortable.) that was until one day my photographer friend, jill, told me she wanted to shoot my apartment. i thought 'wow, wouldn't it be cool to have photos taken with terry in our apartment that we love with our two baby kitties who love even more'. i should also mention that after dating for almost 10 years + knowing each other since we were 5, terry + i have maybe 12 photos of us together. only about 3 of which are worth sharing. so i decided to do it!

the photos blew me away + really shows off our love affair with not just each other, but with our home + the other two important parts of our family.

every photo jill took was perfection. it captured how i feel about the place we live perfectly. if only our apartment could just stay this clean all the time..


we are featured on apartment therapy right now if you want to read the love letter i wrote to our home.

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