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thank you for visiting sweet william.

sweet william started in 2010 as something of an online journal for a challenge i had given myself. after working at a job i didn't like + didn't allow me to be me, i quit, finally giving myself the freedom to wear the large collection of clothes i had gathered, but couldn't wear. i challenged myself to go 30 days without wearing the same outfit (i could rewear an article of clothing, just not the same way) + not buying anything new. 30 days was a breeze. i did it for a year.

over the years, sweet william has been a place for me to share my love of clothes, fashion, styling, + all around beautiful things. as a quiet person, i have used clothing as a way to express who i am to the world. while life has gotten in the way of blogging many times, i am here now ready to share with you all my new + exciting adventures.

as you may have seen when you arrived at the new sweet william site, there is now a store attached to it. this has been something years in the making. i have been collecting + loving vintage clothing for a very long time. my love for vintage stems from the idea that each piece is a one-of-a-kind find. it is a way to express individual style + personality. most importantly, you get to add your story to the stories already engrained into the piece from years before. my focus is on fun, specialty pieces, along with hand-picked modern vintage. i focus on things that are as wearable today as they once were. 

welcome to my new adventure.